Forrest Wallace with the first Virginia Mullet of 2020!

Marian with a 22 lb. King caught 11/4/19!

Jay Swain with a 33 lb. King landed 6/8/19!

Gerald with a nice pompano caught on a jig 5/21/19!

Joey with a nice drum he caught & released 9/3/18

Chris with a nice sheepshead he caught 8/27/18

Durwood with a 5 lb. Spanish caught 8/13/18

Steve with a 28 lb. King caught 8/13/18

Greg Vazquez with a 39 red drum caught and released 8/10/18

Travis Chapin with a 37 lb. King caught 8/9/18

Ernie with a 35 lb King caught 8/6/18

Durwood with a 62 lb Tarpon caught 7/30/18

Durwood with a 29 lb King caught 7/30/18

Eli Sanchez with a 28 lb King caught 7/30/18

Phillip with a nice black drum caught 7/28/18

Joey Kellum with a 56 lb Tarpon caught 7/28/18

Emily Burger with a 45 red drum she caught and released 7/23/18

3.5 lb. flounder caught 7/22/18

Phillip Arrington says: "Had a slow but relaxing couple of days fishing at the Jolly Roger Inn and fishing pier. But it ended with a bang with this 8.2 lb. black drum."

Phillip hooked up with a red drum 7/17/18

Drum caught 7/15/18

Josh with a 34 pound Jack Crevalle caught 7/8/18!

Mike with another limit of speckled trout caught 7/2/18. The largest one weighed 5 pounds!

Bruce Greer with a nice puppy drum and several keeper flounder caught 6/28/18.

Mike and Caroline with speckled trout and black drum caught early 6/27/18.

Mike & Caroline early morning catch 6/23/18.

Bobbie with a nice flounder caught 6/18/18.

Mike's morning catch 6/15/18

Elizabeth Davidson with a big black drum caught 6/12/18

Chris Hager with a nice stack of black drum caught 6/11/18

Durwood with a nice chopper caught 5/17/18

The Pova family catch from 5/12/18

David Moore with a 5 lb 7 oz Spanish caught 5/11/18.

Rafat with a 2 lb 11 oz Pompano caught 5/9/18.

Chris Hager & the 10+ lb winning bluefish, Topsail Island Surf & Pier Fishing Challenge!

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Fishing Report 3/11/20

Forrest Wallace caught the first Virginia Mullet of the year, and a big one at that! Forrest and his group also caught 50 puffers yesterday, and are working on them again today! More mullet and puffers caught last night. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 11/05/19

Great action for big mullet yesterday. We caught four kings, with more strikes! One King was landed this morning. Spots and mullet both hit on bloodworms this morning, and the bite continued after the rain, with spots, big mullet, and blues this afternoon! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/30/19

The wind went back to the NE last night, and the Spots are back this morning! Some nice Spanish also. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/22/19

SPOTS hit again last night! Blues, puppy drum, pompano, black drum, and Spanish during the daytime. Lots of bait fish still here. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 7/1/19

Fishing has been slow during the day because of the heat. At night, we've caught blues, pompano, black drum, and some mullet! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 6/18/19

Good action on blues this morning, with some nice Spanish mixed in. Last night we had trout, croakers, and spots. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 6/16/19

We're still catching some spots, croakers, mullet and flounder; last night we caught speckled trout and today Spanish Mackerel. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 6/12/19

It's cool and overcast this morning, with showers in the forecast for today but gone tomorrow, and a nice sunny weekend on the way! Fishing was slow yesterday, but we caught some blues, croakers, spots, and pompano last night. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 6/6/19

Fat blues hitting GotCha lures for the past several days. Nice black drum, sheepshead, and flounder caught this morning. Mullet, spots, and croakers at night! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 5/21/19

Blues and Spanish are hitting early morning and late afternoon, with some mullet, croakers, and drum at night! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 9/3/18

Good black drum and some spots and mullet last night. ENE wind at about 10 mph today, and the forecast is for it to remain there all week. This should kick off some good fishing! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 8/31/18

Lots of sunshine now and in the forecast for the weekend, with an ocean breeze from the South! Black drum, puppy drum, pompano, blues, and Spanish all in the mix now from the Pier. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 8/28/18

We had blues, flounder, mullet, pompano, and sheepshead in the mix yesterday. There are also some big red drum around - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 8/27/18

Its flat, slick, calm this morning with a light offshore breeze. Lots of bait fish in the water, and some nice blues are being caught. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 8/24/18

Spanish and blues are hitting GotCha lures today, and the black drum bite was good again last night. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 8/21/18

Black drum, Spanish, blues, flounder, whiting, caught and a Tarpon jumped off so far today. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 8/18/18

Some nice black drum and mullet last night and this morning. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 7/30/18

We had black drum and mullet again last night. Plenty of bait fish around, with one Tarpon and three Kings on the deck (see photos)! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 7/28/18

Sunshine this morning! Weve had mixed sun, clouds, and showers for the past week, but a fair amount of sun. The wind is SSW this morning at about 10-12 mph. The Pier had good action last night, with limits of good sized black drum, along with some over the slot red drum. The conditions look good for more of the same today. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 7/24/18

We have squally weather today - SSE wind at 15-20, and off and on showers. Good drum weather; see photo of 45 red drum! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 7/22/18

Some early morning blues today. Look for drum, pompano, and mullet as the tide comes in. See photo of 3.5 lb flounder! - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 7/19/18

The wind is ENE today, and the sun is shining! Good Fishing last night for black drum, spots, croakers, trout, and some puppy drum. Several Tarpon jumped off yesterday. - Robin Orr

Fishing Report 7/17/18

Several red drum hooked up this morning. We have blustery SW wind today, with some squal